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June 27: Bohemian Rhapsody
So here we are at the end of Chapter "0" of Fill Dapsy. A wild and wooly ride from time traveling and meeting Jon Heder to taking on Batman and Trekkies. It's been surreal in the sense that, coming to this little hiatus, I've probably drawn close to 60 Dapsy panels, but probably made 20 or so strips altogether.
In my mind, I sort of feel like my hero Bill Watterson did when, after fighting syndication and commercialism to keep Calvin and Hobbes the project he envisioned it, he finally retired them. Of course, that was after 10 long years, and we've been around what 5 months and pissed everyone off already? :P In all seriousness, it does feel weird knowing that for the next installments I won't be drawing Vincent's "Dead Alien" shirt anymore, or even Glenn's mug grin or even Zed's cat ears (left off the newest comic for various reasons).
Well, no time to look back on the past, I'm going to get cracking on the U.F.O. story sometime this week. It looks to be promising, as I may end up applying some new l33t ninja moves to make it.
By the way....apparently at certain stores in Orange Park, you need to show ID if you want to purchase hentai anime.
June 16: Scruffy Nerfherder
I'm not actually dissing Star Trek in this comic. If it hadn't been for the fact that I am--and will always be--a Trekkie at heart, I wouldn't be poking fun at it as much as I do now. Unlike some fans, I did enjoy the first two seasons of the last Trek series Enterprise, and followed religiously the final episodes.
Star Trek was always my top "Dork" series: Sure, I probably knew about Star Wars as a kid, but when I hit middle school, I began watching Deep Space 9, my second favorite of all the Trek shows. Sisko, Odo, and Dax made up one of the better crews since Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. This was in 6th grade, and I think this was the last season, but I still fully understood the meanings that was going on (or metareligious implications placed on making Sisko the Chosen One during the Dominion Wars). High school I watched every episode of the Original Series and Next Generation, but never warmed to Voyager (despite the fact that I liked their starship's design the best). Then came Enterprise, a show that started high but slowly slipped and lost its way.
I can't really explain what happened with the show. The episodes became a cheap imitation of what it should have been (towards the end, Brannon Braga actually did bring in Trek authors like the Garfields to write the best stories in probably three seasons). I lost faith in the show's ability to convey both its scientific and social messages.
I still love the series to this day, but I will never, ever wear a Starfleet, Klingon, or Andorian uniform. I'd rather flip my finger and go to a convention in a Ghostbusters uniform (in production as we speak wink wink) with a proton pack than with a phaser and jumpsuit. The neck's too stiff and starchy for some reason that I'm sure drove Shatner and Stewart crazy.
June 10: Rider on the Rails
Two interesting things about this particular comic:
1) the style is a homage to Little Gamers. They were, in the beginning, going to be stickmen, but I decided to flow of the strip warranted some hot Swedish love (as Pontus and Christian would have said).
2) Hey, two comics in a week for once!
With that set aside, I can delve into my rant.
There is an inordinate amount of bad news that follows. First off, I'm mad that Jacksonville will not be carrying Hayao Miyazaki's new film, "Howl's Moving Castle". The whole "select cities" BS has pissed me off for years. It makes me wonder do film distributors actually think every otaku on the planet will watch "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie" or "Pokemon X: Whatever fucking word we can make up for these monsters"? Not me. I may be an anime fan, but I have such a high quality that I often make kids mad at K-mart when I say how much crap Pokemon is.
I guess that's the problem with being raised on classics such as Transformers and Robotech/Macross and even Sailor Moon, which knocks out more than 75% of the stuff on 4kids TV. Those shows were actually entertaining, and did not insult the intelligence of the viewer. Robotech and Sailor Moon had such deep storylines that most shows on Saturday mornings seem to lack. Probably one of the reasons I'm glad that I work on Saturdays. To get up again at those early hours would be a waste of time to watch nothing.
June 7: Fire Coming Out of A Monkey's Head
It's actually been awhile since I've done a Tuesday comic...but damn does it not feel good to have one. Tomorrow's comic is done, just to have to do the necessary arrangements and what not, so I'll upload it tomorrow.
While Vince is gone away on 'cation, It's my duty to provide the funny for Fill Dapsy in the next couple of days by finishing up this story, and heading to one I had plotted out a few weeks earlier but never got around to doing it. It's a seeeecret, gomen.
Believe it or not, before I became a sedentary individual, I used to love to skate, roller-blade to be specific. There was something to it that I never could get with a bike, and, this weekend, I borrowed a pair from a neighbor, and, as I was strapping them on, I felt a twinge of nostalgia that I have felt only twice before. It felt like I had never given up skating in the years since our skating rink closed. It felt...great, that's really all there is to say about it.
It's basically ironic, my mother points out, because I never used to do a whole lot of things when I was younger, but now that I'm grown I'm doing things I should have done earlier. For example, my hair: It's getting a little bit too  long so I'm getting to actually look like Zed! XD No problem with that. I'm going out more than I did in years past.
It's like Ozzy Osborne sang:
I'm going through changes....
Probably when I'm all settled into my collegiate career (mayhaps this winter) and people stop riding me about little things, I'll buy a pair of my own...and strap in to live my life the way I want to.
June 1: M.P.E.
Well, it's officially summer. Time to go to work. This month marks my second anniversary of employment at K-Mart. It's sort of sad in a way in that none of the people of the people I started out with are no longer with me, save one person. It just shows how much the job really robs you of an identity. It's often because of this job that most people get the wrong impression that I'm submissive.
Not true. In fact, it's as much bullcadaver as the folks that visit the View Askew forums. It's in the job statement that we are not to argue with a customer. We have to try to accomodate them. Off the job, if you're wrong, I can't help but make it known so. I actually hate debates and politics bore me to a point, but if someone's wrong, I can't sit idly by and allow them to wallow in their ignorance. That's just how I am. I use analytical thought, not half-way attempted burns to shut people up. People fear an intelligent person.
I actually like how well this comic came out, but I still need to find a way to at least remotely darken my lines. By keeping what was originally sketched, I think it looks more natural that way.
And I'm happy all the more for it. Time kick back a few cold ones and get back to work, nooch. : )
May 27: Space...The Final Frontier
Because of low disk space, updates may be sparse now, unless the possibility of getting picked up by a comic host becomes a reality.
May 23: O' Green World
A funny thing about me and music: it's literally become a joke with Devin, Glenn, and Vincent that if it's in English or if it's American, I won't listen to it. For the most part, it's true. For the past two years, I've completely sworn off a large part of recent American music (with the most recent exception of Weezer's new album 'Make Believe'). What do I do to fill that void?
J-music. Japanese music to be specific. There is a geniunely excellent quality in the music that comes from Asia (first downloaded, then I later imported them from CDJapan). For example, listen to the Pillows. Great musicians who embody everything that makes rock brilliant: they don't talk about angry stuff, the vocals and nicely placed, and the guitars...well, i know I want to play bass just to learn the line from "Ride on Shooting Star".
I often listen to these when drawing, and the most recent comic reflects this. I started on Thursday afternoon and didn't feel it complete until 4 in the morning Sunday. All while listening to Shiina Ringo and the funky techno beats of Ueto Aya. The original line work came out better than me inking it, so I think this will be the actually last comic using GIMP's Cartoonification process. It's just too sloppy now. I'm more comfortable knowing that my penciling has gotten better in the moments I can spare to sketch out things.
As for the current storyline, I've decided to just let it be static for now. It is a problem for both of us, but I just feel I've lost the passion for it. I dunno, I may end up picking it up again sometime down the line, but for now, I'd rather not get things farther and farther behind the first strip.
I wish had some more profound things to say for my first rant in days. Oh well then I s'pose.
May 17: Quit being a slackass
I apologize for not making the deadline today. I wasn't satisfied with what the original comic, and decided not to post it. Before the question arises, what has Zed been doing all weekend that he didn't feel the need to update?
Mostly just sketching and doodling.
To be honest, I havent felt like myself lately. I guess its with the depression of knowing that now I'll have to enter the *real* world and all that's got me in a funk. I suppose when I go see Star Wars: Revenge of teh Sith I'll be back to my good ol' self again.
As far as the comic goes, like I was saying earlier, I was not satisfied with the result enough to post it today. It's bloody annoying, knowing that you can do something better than the piece of bollocks you have just put down. Some of the panels came out good enough, and I may just use those, but a couple more need to be worked on so I may project for either an early or late afternoon Wednesday comic, with a minor interruption Thursday (special Star Wars edition), and a conclusion on Sunday.
Friday and Saturday I'll be out of town.
May 12: Tortured Artist...mmm, can u taste the angst...?
One of the webcomics that I love as much as I do my little Miaka plushie from Fushigi Yuugi or my Ecto-1 is MegaTokyo. It is an interesting little comic that's been on the net since 2000, and updates three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). It was originally a join venture between Rodney Caston and Fred Gallagher, with Caston supplying the scripts and Gallagher supplying the pencils. The story revolved around the creator's alter-egos, the l33t-h4ck0r supreme Largo (Caston) and the anime/manga fan Piro (Gallagher) and their adventures shanghied in Japan. Caston left the project in 2002, and since then it's been all Gallagher.
Why do I take the time to mention this comic? Well, I first came into reading this thing in 2003, when hype was being swirled around the first print edition from I.C. Entertainment. I've been following it sporadically since then, and only now do I have real appreciaton for what is done.  Namely, in the art direction.
MegaTokyo is drawn in a style almost akin to manga, and is done completely in pencils. Gallagher rarely does any digital manipulation with it, often putting up little color specials that don't carry as much weight as the penciled version does. Basically, what you see is what Gallagher started out with.
In the writing department,  Caston could not be touched. Jerry "Tycho" Holkins of Penny Arcade's great and all, but I don't think he could have captured the fish-out-of-water quality that Caston did with MT. Piro and Largo react to things differently, and yet very much how any American whose just been stranded in Tokyo would. With Caston, there was indeed a bit more focus on funny, as video game humor was almost a part of the series as the focus on anime and dating sim parodies were. Although some of this has been lost in the three years since Caston left (with Gallagher taking over completely. The storylines since have taken on a little drama) , that's not to say it's matured greatly.
One of the reasons why I do Fill Dapsy in the style that it is in is because of MT. Gallagher proves that you don't need any fancy color or any real digital points from Photoshop to do a well-done comic. For some reason, it didn't really start out that way for Fill Dapsy: i had intended one day to do it in full color, but another part of me (the part whose cinematic favorites are from the years 1923-1966) thought that pencils and black and white expressed things better than color would. Another reason had to do with the fact that I love "Clerks" by Kevin Smith, which is a film completely in black and white and it is excellent.
This actually came out a lot longer than I planned. I just wanted to really say that I now understand the blood, sweat, and stress that guys like Gallagher put into their works. I can relate to the criticism that one may get, and while I have yet to grasp the lunacy of "zombies" (fanboys, as Largo calls them), I know that it will be both a fullfilling thing and curse at the same time.
Anyhoo, comic schedule got all fouled up again so expect it up tomorrow. It could really be worse.
I could have pulled out a DZD and posted the first frame (which didn't come out all bad) instead. What you get is a piece of artwork Glenn (the poor soul traveling through time in our "Ahead of His Time" arc) did today. I actually was going to post it Saturday, but personal things threw a wrench and unless I was going to stay up finishing the comic, and doing the layout, I would have gone m4d finishing it.
So Glenn, here you go. : )
May 10: Hallucinations
There you have it, the conclusion to this little detour into the Real World. Heads will roll, blood will be spilled, and I shall be high and victorious with my modified Benelli in one hand and a Buster sword in the other.
All regular programming will be continued on Thursday.
May 9: Andante
So you have Part 2 of our "Meanwhile" peice. Looks damn good, but I may end up just using the bold instead of bolding and then upper-casing the text. This was mostly just me messing around with ways to make the comic more readable for people. It works really.
So as I was saying yesterday about the art, if you ever surf webcomics, you'll notice that all of the comics FillDapsy has done from "If You Came Here You Came To Have Fun" up till "Ahead Of His Time, Part 3" look very similar to the art style used by Ian McConville for the highly popular []Mac Hall[/url] comic. I used to be a huge fan of this slice of college life, and I still am, but it sort of hindered what I could and couldn't do with Fill Dapsy. So, I think the turn started to happen in the Wishing one, when things began to shift greatly from being simply an emulation of that style, although by the next three episodes I was still trying to hang on to the old ways.
The third part in the Jail arc is changing that, as I'm no longer drawing the way I used to. Things are becoming bigger now, I draw a lot slower and adding more detail. Buildings, guns (yey!), and even the characters themselves are evolving (one day I will post that abortive Grad Bash report to show you) in a way that makes me happy.
I may end up switching days around by which the comic may be updated, dropping Tuesday from the schedule, and just updating on Thursdays and Saturdays, with (and this is still a plan in the works) a full color comic on Sunday. I don't know when the big change will happen, but the reason being is that I've begun writing a story for which I plan to enter in a contest (more on that later) and I'm still sketching a non-Dapsy story, about a bus boy's day.
See you tomorrow!
May 8: Kids With Guns
Don't really expect tonight's new comic to speak out on senseless violence in the media. I'd be a hypocrite to even say that I don't enjoy it a bit meself. Just look at the majority of games I do play: 007: Goldeneye, Duke Nukem, Doom, Quake, and of course the Grand Theft Auto series. My body count is probably scarier than anything Vincent can cook up.
Senseless violence is what really keeps me going. Back in the day, it used to be Street Fighter, first with Chun-Li and later (when Alpha came out) Sakura (jailbait: just because they put the number 18 after her age does not make it so), it would be awesome pwnzing the computer and my friends. Super Smash Bros. kept this tradition alive greatly, never really expanding upon the side scroll fighter, but putting it in 3-d, elevating it to heights that were never really imagined back in the original 2-d ventures (which means why I overplayed my copy of KoF: Maximum Impact). It's always easy to wish to do sw33ta55 moves on your co-worker, but in the realm of reality, it won't amount to much beyond getting your own ass kicked.
As for the comic, this is part of 4 part back-to-back- to back-to back update, going through Wednesday. This "Meanwhile" was loosely based on actualy events, and as you will see with the conclusion on May 11, people will be changed forever.
And speaking of being changed forever, I think my art has really changed since the first comic. But I'll elaborate more on that tomorrow after school.
l4t3rs : )
April 29: High As A Kite
Well, this week turned out to be a bit of a DZD Week, which was really unexpected. It threw the entire rythym of the comic off. Oh well I suppose. The comic is still being worked on (yes, I have not given up on it). It's just that doing things with detail takes me a little longer than I want it to (im such a fuqing perfectionist).
April 21: Demon Days
Sorry for the lack of updates in the past week. Things happened that I'm sure you all will be interested in, n00ch.
First, the comic. It's late. I know. That is my fault. The reason for the lateness came from how I drew Panels 1 and 2. I could not seperate them as I had wanted to (without shrinking one to make the other bigger) and that just plain sux. So I decided to go back to my lazy-ass methods and just edited the characters, not the frames. It came out wicked-ass cool either way.
Second, I think I'm coming down with a throat cold. Just my bad fucking luck so soon before my Grad Night at Universal Studios (may or may not do a Fill Dapsy comic based on the experience). But I hope I recover sufficiently to make the trip. I wasted 80 dollars that could have gone into buying Xenosaga 2 or Fullmetal Alchemist. Or even the Excel Saga box set (I'm a huge fan).
Just so you all know, things may change for better or for worse for Fill Dapsy. Me and Vince do love the randomness of everything: it's just two friends talkign about pop culture and lampooning key moments in pop culture is just hi-fucking-larious.
Some people don't find it that way.
One of the first things I never wanted Fill Dapsy to be was yet another gamer geek comic. Not that theres anythign wrong that (Zed himself is a gamer, in case you haven't noticed the hints ; ) ), it's just that there's too damn many trying to become the next Penny Arcade, MegaTokyo, PvP, or Ctrl-Alt-Del. Fill Dapsy is different, and yet we seem to fall into that category of pop culture discussion comics. I don't think so, but the gen pop might be contrary to my thoughts.
Vince and I have never thought of going with any linear storylines outside of the little three or five part things that Vince will write that have continuity. So it may be a little while or sooner than expected when we may make that jump from a random little comic into a cult phenom that so many think we can be.
Who knows what the future holds.
April 17: A Gerbil
So yeah, verrrry late news post. Most of what's happened recently wasn't very exciting to speak of, but I think I can cook something up.
The newest comic where Zed goes to jail turned out rather nice. I found out how to ink without really trying, which is basically just me using GIMP's ink system (I learned that much, n00ch). I have the second act of our five part drama nearly done: Panels 1, 2, and 4 were done Friday evening, but Panel 3 is killing me. But I should have it all situated for a late-afternoon update by Tuesday.
What you're seeing now for our "Latest" is a Dead Zed Art Day. The sketch combines two of my favorite loves: anime robots and anime chickas. The mech you see in the top is inspired by the original RX-78 type Gundam from that seminal series (fuck Gundam Wing). The girl was actually inspired by another guy's sketch, but mine came out nicer with some cleaner lines. Mine has more to do with the innocent looks that Ken Akamatsu would apply to the girls of Hinata Inn in his manga "Love Hina". Both drawings were done probably around December of '04.
Gah, now it's time for me to go to bed.
Two of us riding nowhere, spending someone's hard earned pay...
April 10: I Fucked Up
And how. Friday and Saturday can be counted as two of the worst days I've ever suffered throughout the year so far, with three circumstances that made the comic late. The first of which is nobody's business really to mention. The second happened on Friday, when my so called "Editor-In-Chief" slammed the anime review column that I'd been doing for the past few months, completly trashing the newest one. I don't really know why I didn't fight. Maybe I didn't think much of it or it didn't affect me. But I'm sick of getting the walkover. If she thinks its so bad, give me a damn good reason why instead of the "abundant" bullshit.  It's going to stay in there until she confronts me face to face.
The next thing that happened was that I redrew the "Hollywood is So Stuck Up" comic three times Friday, and once again Saturday, each time coming out sucking worse than the last. A side effect  of criticism that kills me every time: If it's just to say "I suxorz" then I won't listen. But if the critic is justified in his comments, then for some reason I will actually try to make my work better, which stresses me out and puts things behind badly. That's the result of what's been happening with this whole Rox Comics thing. It's not that it's bad because the last two have actually been coming out looking better than before, it's just that it means more work for me and less time for a life : P And like they said, if our application is rejected (which I have no doubt it will be) then we can resubmit it with the new works we've been doing.
On a lighter side, I have rented Tekken 5 for the PS2. Will have a full report in the next few days. It's times like this that I wish that Capcom continued making 2D fighting games  and made them online. Otherwise I'd kicking so much @55 as Chun-Li or Sakura in Street Fighter.
(and for the curious, I'm using Julia in Tekken 5.)
April 6: We Do The Shit That Be All Bizarre...
See? No l33t this time or this issue. I'm sad but that's the way things have to be.
Over the past several weeks, in addition to drawing the comic, inking the comic, layout, my job, school, and trying to fit in watching Fullmetal Alchemist and Genshiken, I've been shopping the idea of Fill Dapsy to several webcomic hosts. Lets face it: Tripod is nice and all, but you get an established audience with a host who will, out of curiosity, read the comic.
Yesterday, one of the hosts, Rox Comics, actually picked up my application for review. I must say that there was a trepidation of fear in my heart. People did like the comic (well, my friends at least and I know Darby does) but would the outside world like it? My fears have somewhat dissapted as the people who usually decide these things at Rox Comics were very supportive of what me and Darby do...just that we need to make some changes. Both in art and writing.
I was not disillusioned by these comments...only strengthend by them. The new comic is done in the GIMP format, which is the first time outside of pencil that I've used real color and ink for the comic. I think it looks nice. It's just one of those hints of things to come from us in the future. Next up may be working on how the text is placed. Either I have to draw bigger or Darby may have to write smaller I dunno. We'll see soon.
Oh yeah, I'm off work tomorrow! Yey! So I may end up going to see "Sin City" after I finish off Saturday's comic.
April 5: Where's My l33tahol!
Well well. I never thought I would finish it, but I did. The Jon Heder comic is up, which is, if you can believe it, actually the second comic Darby wrote, but the seventh to be produced. Why is that? Is Cedric lazy? Or is he out of his mind with this l33t madness?
The answer to that is that I wanted it to be perfect. You see, I hate Napolean Dynamite with a passion reserved for Joel Schumacher usually. When Darby first mentioned it to me, I wasn't all that impressed with it like he was, and it was not until it came to DVD that my hatred finally arose. In the hallways at our school, it has become something of an "instant classic", with psychotic little freshmen spewing forth "frick'n idiot" whenever and wherever they feel it necessary. "Anchorman" had many quotables, but that was funny. Napolean Dynamite just plain sux0rz. If these kids had any idea about the "greatest movie of all time" they should be watching "Duck Soup", "Citizen Kane", or even "Annie Hall" for fuck's sakes!
Or "Ghostbusters". Anyway, I'm out.
March 30:
w00t! Another comic. It's Part 2 in our time traveling arc. Apparently Glenn's running into some problems.
Anyways, this is the newsspace, not a rantspace, so I'll prolly end up bitching and moaning about whatever crap is going on in my life in a Live Journal.
Or something like that.
Anyways again, news wise I'm still shopping around for a website that will host us until I can get more money. Who knew HTML coding was hard? I'm a techie, but not a sophisticated enough one to do what some guys do with codes. I may drown my sorrows in some Grand Theft Auto later.
March 15: DZD
I haven't got the motivation to do even a rant today.
March 11: +077@+1Y l33t!
9: 23 p.m.
Wow, finally finished the first comic. And not a bad job, if I do say so myself.
It's an awesome feeling knowing that you have your own webcomic. It will be even awesomer when people start reading it. (ZING!)
Anyway, I managed to actually finish what will be the introductory comic. Dunno if it will be the official one, but oh well. I like drawing them anyway. I would have finished it sooner had a number of setbacks not come into my life recently, work chief among them.
Again, oh well. 
Support Fill Dapsy Comics by doing your part and spread the word.
~Zed out

Lover. Friend. Person.

June 28th, 2005- "My last Goodbye"- I just noticed the 'goodbye' strip. Sure, we make fun of our critics at the same time giving a serious farewell. Except... it's not over. We will be back. If you look to your left, you'll notice Zed mentioned this is only the end to "chapter zero"... in fact, chapter one will be the opening. (duh) Which may or may not happen by the end of the summer. It all depends how well this sci-fi comic works out. The sci-fi comic will be worked out into chapters as well. Three chapters to be exact, that all course themselves over the span of one year. Chapter One- Beginning of the year, Chapter Two- midyear, and Chapter Three- The finale. I know what you're thinking. So in a Mini-Q&A, I'll answer them here. "What if you surpass chapter three? What if everyone loves it because it's super cool and wants more?" Then, tiny tim, there will be more. We feed the fans what they want. No, we're not sell outs, we're just curtious to those who love us.
Next question, "when will it be submitted to webboards and webcomic communities?" Right after the first strip. We're not wasting any time with perfection or something like that. The updates, more than likely, will be shorter and quicker. In no way will we screw this one up... oops.
Why are you doing this? Stop it! It hurts! No way, billy, this is for you.... YOUUU! The sci-fi project is a chance for Zed N' myself to spread our wings with specified genres. We never meant to be labeled as nerds and have our precious classified under "geeky"... we want much more than that. And before you tards start writing angry letters for our excessive smack-down on geeks, just know we're not gonna take it... no, we aint gonna take it... oh, sorry, but it's true. Hate mail is for suckers, and for now on we're only open to helpful critiqing. "You're so lame" is no longer acceptable. Can we stop you from sending them? No. Will we read them? No.
Is the sci-fi comic gonna be a rip off and/or cliche?
Bastard. I'm still the writer and I'm still the one who creates. If anything is similar to any other comic is completly coincidental and unintentional. There are only three web comics I read on a weekly basis. 1) Penny-Arcade (of course) 2) PBF 3) Bitter Bunny (it's just so awesome) so if anything reminds you of either three of those strips, I'll give up all I know about ethics and call it a day. Agreed.
As for cliches, I don't know. We have the main character a man investigating the proof of aliens in order to save the planet. He's not an FBI agent or part of any organazation, so it's not the X-Files or Twilight Zone, season two. He has no experience or basis to begin with. It's all from scratch. Scratch in my head, that is.
What in the fuck?
We got really bad reviews. And before I even submitted the comic anywhere after Roxcomics, I told Zed, "No matter what, we won't change who and what we are." meaning the reviews are for educational purposes and will no way play part of any particular changes. The changes we have made have been for the best, and during those changes I thought up a sci-fi-themed idea.
In this Sci-Fi comic, will any spinned-off characters come in?
Zed and Vincent will never appear in the sci-fi special. Although it would be nice.  You see, the sci-fi comic takes place between Chapter zero and chapter one of fill dapsy, if not, overlapping. The setting of the sci-fi strips are unknown and unimportant. Fill Dapsy is in Florida in chapter zero, wheras Chapter One will be featured in Canada (hence that ol' last comic of ours) where we throw aside the rules and follow through with a long, periodical arc that includes their adventures in the Yukon and such. We have to be careful to not sterotype canadians. Oh, and Chapter Three of Fill Dapsy, who knows where that will take place. I say the afterlife, but that's far from now.
The afterlife?
Yeah, think about it. Zed and Vince die of maple syrup overdose and we end up in two seperate places. Zed heaven, Vince hell. For one day a week the supernatural beings allow Zed and Vince to commune midway, in which they... commune.
But you have two updates a week... what happens that other update?
Well, either Zed or Vincent have their own seperate adventure.
And what happens in Chapter four?
We'll all be dead by then.
See you guys later! Check this site for the linking to our Sci-Fi project.. soon!
June 27th, 2005- Saying goodbye to Fill Dapsy, even for a short period of time, is hard. Over the last couple of months, I've attatched myself to this strip. It's pretty fun to mess around with. Problem with being so clingy is the fact we (Zed and I) have to step up soon and become better than capable. We'll be way over our heads with our new project. Don't fret, Fill Dapsy is only on hiatus, and will be back new n' improved one day.
The new site for the U.F.O. project (currently it's called: UFO: unnatural fictious online as a working title, but I assure you it won't be our ongoing title) is currently in the works. It will be clean and efficient, I promise it won't be hard to navigate through.
I've been working my way through GTA: San andreas, it's pretty stupid so far. Why didn't anyone tell me there would be so much racial slur? Shit like this makes me beg for Vice City II. I hate it so much. Though I have dedicated my free time (IN THE GAME) to beating any hookers that cross my path. I find it relieving.  For shizzle.
More to come before it's over, temporarily.
June 22nd, 2005- Clingy people can't let go of things, especially topics. Over the last few days I've noticed a couple of new people in my online experience that seem "clingy"... I, however, find myself above all of that. Now, Science Fiction is a topic I can ramble on about all day. I don't care much for sexuality, religion and politics, what really grabs hold of my attention is science fiction. That's why Zed and I have decided to branch off Fill Dapsy for a while (soon, we haven't put 'Dapsy to a rest yet.) We're not going to go all WB network on you. If "Dapsy" goes on hiatus due to a secondary project, we'll leave you with something to think about.  
The new science fiction project is going to be about an everyday obsessee (Is that a word?) who learns upon some starry night that the world will end in one year exactly if he cannot obtain proof of aliens, and get a binary code from them to deactivate the end of the world. It's a comedy. I actually already have a good ten-issue layout planned. If we (zed and I) enjoy what we do after those ten, we will stick ourselves into the Untitled Fictious Oline (that's a working title) full time and possibly, just possibly, leave Fill Dapsy behind. It all depends on priorities and ability to grasp onto more than one project at a time and keep a well-formed consistent update on both sides. Only time will tell. Excuse me for using such a lame, cliched phrase.
June 21st, 2005- I didn't even know it, but freakylinks, that old website/tv show is still up and running! It's been relocated to however, it isn't how I remember it. I remember it being fun and exciting, but that was before the TV show premired/ended. (Fox basically axed the show in the beginning by putting it on early, 9 o'clock on a Friday night. Only I am home at 9 on a Friday.) Now they're fixated on the tv show (it's archived now) but still, it brings back memories.
I do, indeed, believe in alien exsistence, and that's the type of stories I like to read. Aliens are mysterious. Big Foot's just fuckin' blurry. I'm excited about "War of the Worlds"... one problem though: Tom Cruise. I like the guy, he's a really cool guy (did you see him get squirt with the water gun? He basically made the guy feel like shit in just a calm and cool fashion) The original War of the Worlds featured a scientist, but Tom Cruise's character is your everyday man, which some may find sweet and touching to the story, but that's not the fuckin' story. It's about a scientist walking around with a selected few people accepting the fact their watches have stopped and everyone is going to die. What's a construction worker going to do besides take a break halfway through, just as they get going?
June 19th, 2005- You might see some changes soon. Don't expect much out of nothing.
June 17, 2005-- Why'd we go this way? With the new Archive system? Why did I spend a good hour of my day sorting all this nonsense and writing pointless commentaries at the end? Not only do I fail to dislike all of you, but I found it difficult to do anything but care. In all truth it's about our next target... not Roxcomics, we'll send in our new material there when we get desperate.... no, we're looking at a bigger weekly spot from here. And in order to submit, we needed to change to this format. I really hope no one complains, hint hint, because I spent a lot of time on this, even if it doesn't look like much, it was a real pain in the ass to work with. Send questions in to me, or just fumble around confused for the rest of your life, I don't care. 
June 16th, 2005- I met a whore. While in New York, I met one. Especially since it was indeed New York City, a whore is not uncommon, especially nasty ones. And this one was nasty. However, she had to be the finest nasty bitch on the face of the planet. You know the kind you'd take an STD-ridden bullet for? This was her, and I was ready to contract genital herpes to just get a taste. However, she was the unlikely whore with the heart of steel. She worked for dollars, but she did her business behind the glass. That's right. A Nudie Booth Exclusive.
It all started with Sage wanting to go into a porno shop. Who can blame him, and honestly, I wanted to go as well. I'm a guy, these are the things I enjoy at times. In the back of the porno shop there is a set of two different kind of nudie booths. One is the kind with real women, and the other is with video. I say fuck the video features, if I want to sit in a dark and closed space watching porn, I'll stay at home. So I looked into one of the booths and it was your average closet with oozing man juice on the side of the glass. Behind the booths, facing the video collection in the front, is where the women enter. And mother fuckin, there was a girl standing outside one to the very right, looking straight at me as I look at a fine selection of girl-on-girl. I glance at her and she waves me over. I ignore her, because I have no money on me, and I'm not that weird. I continue to look through various categories of pornographic material, and all the time, this girl won't leave me alone. So I notice an ATM very close by. Now, the funniest thing I've seemed to encounter when it comes to women is their excessive appeal to pretending I am invisible. So when a girl actually does take the time to notice and chose me to give money to her, I take it for granted. Or at least in this case.
So I withdrew 20 dollars. It's New York, remember, so I try to carry as little on me as possible. If I get mugged, and they get away with my credit card, I die knowing they won't see a fuckin' dime from my already-small account. I withdrew the bare minimum because there's a sign hanging over the booths clearly stating "10 dollars"... so I get change from the crazy guy behind the booth and I go in the designated booth.
Slowly, I insert a ten dollar bill in the slot, and the door comes up. There, the woman stands with a very short skirt and a bra on, waiting for me. I'm sitting down in the chair, looking at her as if she's another passerby, because I am, indeed, shy. She tries to tell me something, but I can't hear her, so I get up and move closer, she's trying to tell me to tip her. Like, before she even takes her top off? No fuckin' way. Besides, I have only ten dollars on me. She asks for a whole twenty. So I tell her I'm broke and she walks out of the booth, as if it's nothing.
Three days later, I'm still thinking about it and I go back to the shop, with thirty dollars in hand. I go into the same booth with the same woman, and put in ten dollars, and then twenty. She begins to remove her top off but I signal her to stop, I press a button on the speaker box and begin to talk. I tell her, "The thing that gets to me the most is you're still here, in this shit hole, when you could be out there doing modeling or even acting. Maybe you can sing, I don't know. Instead you waste your life in this little box begging for twenties and hoping to make a difference to one man's blue balls. The real truth is you'll never be anything more than the piece of shit you are today, and that scares me more than it scares you. Because if someone as remarkably attractive as you cannot make it in such a sexually sensitive world we find ourselves living in today, how will such a disgusting asshole such as myself ever get along either? I'm as lost as you, but afraid to admit it until one day I end up on the other side of this glass, sex-changed and all, wondering where I went wrong..... now, take off your top."
June 14th, 2005-- Clearly, the review is in. Yeah, I saw Batman initially two days before its actual release. It's all about who you know, and I know Gordon.
I'd be lying if I were to say I'm not excited about tomorrow. I'm going on my first ever casino boat. Unfortunately, I know nothing there is to know about gambling. Except winning is good, and losing is bad. I hate spectators. People who don't understand the triving joy of putting all you've got on a certain number, color, card, slot, slut, dice, dog, or mathematical equations for the pure excitement of the possibility of walking out with more than you walked in with. It's quite possible I will leave depressed and aggitated with myself and others around me, but really, it's all about having fun. I'm going with Zed and Glenn (yes, the famous time traveling Glenn) and they're the kind of guys that won't be leaving like me. I have no restraint. I can't help myself. I generally suck at quick and money-thrived decisions.
Check out the Batman review, and be sure to keep checking back to that page, as I'm sure Zed will add a review on there from time to time. As will I. Next, I'm sure, I'll be writing on Bewitched. I'm in love with Nicole Kidman.
June 13th, 2005- See, I told you we wouldn't be in an update crisis forever. We're on a roll, and I hate to jynx it, but I really think we're about to blow up into something better. Speaking of something better, Batman is almost here, isn't it? I cannot wait to see it. Actually, to sound more like a celebrity than I am, I'm here to announce I see it tonight (The monday before it's released) Celebrities always see movies before they're released. I'm just special with sorts of connections. Normally my old man genes kick in and I fall asleep around midnight, but I took a 3 hour nap today. I fell asleep to the Coldplay CD that just came out (See previous rant) and I just may make it past 2 o'clock. Expect an early review.
After the Batman comics Zed has planned to released all this week (that I had nothing to do with writing, so you'll know) we're changing format. After a long days of work, you'll get to click on "Latest" and you'll find the "previous" button. Click on it and you'll go to previous. Uh-oh! Look at us getting fancy. That means we'll no longer have an official "Archive" page. And I'm thinking of putting Vincent-commentaries on the bottom of each page, so you'll get the fake-DVD experience. Maybe Zed will throw his 2-cents in there too. We( or at least, I do ) take pride in what the online comic Fill Dapsy has accomplished. We need t-shirts before some multi-million corporation buys our indisclosed properties from us, with an offer we cannot refuse (I like money)
I'm so glad I'm not a kid anymore. I remember all the relationship troubles being a teenager would bring. And by teenager and kid, I mean a high school attendee. I look back on 90210 and Degrassi, thinking, "Was I really in that mind set?" I hate the way it's so... adolescent. I feel bad that most teens grow up and realize there is nothing to the real world.
I'm gone, for now, see you guys next time.
June 12th, 2005-- Look!  Another update! Let's do this quickly. I like Coldplay's new album, I suggest it to anyone. When Coldplay came out with parachutes, I didn't like them very much at all. I believe it was the song "Yellow" that made me hate them. Whatever song with the music video taking place on the beach is the one. It could've been "Yellow"... but I just didn't like their new and eradicating sounds. Honeslty, I could've done without them and focus on Moby. Not that I like Moby, I'm just saying that's how much I hated Coldplay. And then when I got the Garden State soundtrack and listened to "Don't Panic" on a beautiful, hazy morning, I learned they were just fine by me. So I researched a little (because that's what I do, I'm a journalist in the works) and found I enjoyed "Clocks" far more than any suffering male should. The opening intro made me want to learn the masters of the piano, but Zed informs me my dreams are second to nothing, since my fingers are not long. Though I hardly listen to anyone when it comes to my ambitions, he's right. ANYWAY, their new(er) song "The Speed of Sound" really caught my attention while I was shopping around Virgin Mega Store in New York, and decided to go with the purchase. Every since I pressed 'play' I have been in love. Seriously, if you're even remotely interested in music, just try it out. But don't hurt me if you decide you don't like it.
Speaking of obsessions, I'm growing more and more in love with the webcomic Zed and I have come to create. Even if my online alter ego is named Vincent, long before the strip started I had seriously considered legally changing my name to Vincent. When I look at myself, I look like a Vincent. I hate my real name, and to this day I'm considering a name change. But back to topic, I like the styling. The way our comic looks like a sheet of paper with finished sketches, vertically enhancing and beautifully black n' white. Sometimes I think we need shading, but in my own opinion, what we lack in style, we make up for in comprehension. Just look for a better reason to hate us, I dare you. Other than the occasional inside jokes, you can't pass this thing up. You know it's good for us beginners. One day it will improve to an extemely-brilliant piece of art, but until then, we're getting the treatment of webcomics that the film industry got with Clerks, and soon we'll press forward with our sophmoric approach of our "Mallrats," entitled "The Busser." (Which, you know, is nothing like Mallrats, it's just a webcomic/film parallel comparison.)
I'm out, have a safe week.
June 11th, 2005- You wuld think it's Y2K or some computer error, but I accidentally signed a cell phone contract today, but signed the month the 5th month instead of the 6th. Honest mistake I've never made before, but it's a proper opening to the situation. I have what the celebrities have. T-Mobile Sidekick II, and it is true, Snoop does his own laundry. I'm proud of putting my hard earned bills out there and purchasing such an expensive communicative device. I have a lot of people to give my new number out to, which is the real bitch. You know when you change your email and you just click FWD and add everyone in your address book to the message, send it, and swich over? Phones aren't like that. You gotta call/email/text each indivual one. You can't call everyone at the same time and I'm unskilled with group texting. Plus, group texting is gay.
I like the photoshop arc because it's for the naysayers. Next up: I dunno.
June 9th 2005- I'm back and things couldn't be different. I feel so strange, as if everything in my life here has changed. My room is clean, the site is updated, and the trees aren't/weren't dead. Now that I don't have to pay for cab fare and each refill (I mean, why haven't northern folk heard of "free refills"? Why the fuck, you know?) I am on a self-spending spree. I already ordered Clerks X signed by KS, and now I'm deciding which poster I want (I'm stuck between Garden State and something with Johnny Depp) Woe is my hard life. Clearly Zed worked hard on this latest one, and the next one should put an end to this photoshop madness.
June 2nd, 2005- In two days, I'll be experiencing my first airplane ride all the way to New York City. I hear up there they got movin' pictures and horseless carrages. Some folk tell me they also gots some buildings that reach as tall as the sky. Holy hell, down here in Florida, we sure seem small- - - - - - - - taken out of the redneck context, I'm excited to be going. I love New York. To shortly quote a lame excuse for a Woody Allen movie, "New York gives you a certain sense of freedom"... that it does, I know from the short time I spent up there later last year. I plan to go to a couple of landmarks, especially the Statue of Liberty. I love lines, and I hear that one's got a two-hours' worth! Last time I was there, the Empire State Buidling had a line, but I don't remember being in it for too long, so I was disappointed. I also want to go to a Wax Museuem, thanks to my newfound obsession after watching "House of Wax".... I asked Zed if he'd like to cut off our little island we live on and possibly make it into a town of wax people, much like the movie was... he said no, of course, so I'm assuming as he is the only one aware of my plan he's my greatest threat... he'll be first. I'd also be interested in
seeing "The Producers"... which I scored tickets for. Unfortunately Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane left the show, so I wouldn't get to see them. I hear they were half the show. The other half being the music.
United Nations would be cool to see, but that's about it with that. Chinatown is a must, Gramercy is skipable, Time Square is a definate, and Midtown Comics (the biggest comic book store in the United States, I believe) is more than a sure choice. And now, on with the show:
I hate fuckin' pop ups. There have been so many pop ups since I begun writing this you couldn't possibly feel my excitement for the NY trip, just the anger and hostiality. I hate most things, but pop ups are the worse. Who invented them? Have a fantasy for a second, all the pop ups are outlawed, they're now illegal? Can you see it? Are you with me? Now, the supreme court of internet relations declared any site bareing a pop up is to be taken off immedeiately after the one month eviction notice. During that one month sites like Tripod,, and even your favorite search engine tool (hehe--tool) have to take off all of their coding that creates pop ups. No more of 'em. After that month, the cracking gets hard as fuck. If so much as a "you win 100,000,000!!" is seen anywhere on your screen, you can report the host and they will be punished to the full extent of the law. Think of about this. When pop up...creators are questioned about why they do this, they claim it's just business. Sure, I can think of one "business" that rushed into people's homes and didn't give them a choice or not, but you'll have to ask Zed about that............................. is a popup I see a lot, and for some reason, I'm unsure why it believes I'll change my mind the thirteenth time around. One day, I assure you, pop ups will be banned. And yes, those companies that use pop ups will be whining "oh, we'll go out of business"---- I assure you we, the actual people, will not notice. Nothing will change. So what if the "You're the billionth customer on this site" and the "Click here for a free IPod" go out of business? They're not making the internet go round with their corporate sell-out material. They're just mom and pop shops; internet style. The mom and pop shops with advertising, by the way. And no one will miss them. I swear.
May 31st, 2005- We're experiencing more changes with the way things are done here at Fill Dapsy. We're going to go ahead and try for mainstream appeal and do a better job with what we do. Sure, indies moving to mainstream is selling out, but our intention was to never make anyone happy but ourselves and what better to inflate our egos ( ala making ourselves happy) by getting everyone to read and enjoy our stuff. Expect delays and guest spot comics coming your way from this general area soon.
May 27th, 2005- Do you ever wish you go back in time? For the longest time I have dreamed of completing a fully-functional time traveling device, but in a roundabout way, I'd never use it. Maybe for the purposes of evil, because let's face it... Science Fiction has been nothing but nonfiction to us all these years. Time traveling is evil. Name one incident that involved a smooth transaction through time. You can't, because everytime someone goes back they either step on a butterfly or make out with their mom and something really bad happens on the long run. The concept of me being responsible for the exploitive tycoon sent halfway across the world gets to me inside and I know I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of responsibility. So I'd send a friend to do it for me, to check and make sure everything would go sufficently okay.
And there's my ultimate flaw. If I send someone through time, it wouldn't be I who accomplishes a world record of the first time traveler in the history of...the world. I hate to think someone else gets the credit I so rightfully deserve. How would you like it if you worked so damn hard to become a plumber, and you start a company, and since you don't want your name on the side of an unclogger-of-shit truck, you put your partner's. You know the partner that only gets 25% where you swim around in the rest of the foul-smelling profits? Yeah, he gets the credit for all the SHIT you put up with 75% worth. You would feel as dirty as your job inside. You'd hate yourself and probably purposly drown in your next assignment.
Not as bad as insane asylums. I hear the food sucks, but if you complain the staff thinks you're low on medicine, altering your judgement, and they stick a big needle in your neck. They don't even drop you slowly onto the padded floor, they actually drop you, making you wish you never killed your dog claiming it was satan reincarnate.
The poor side of insane asylums is the staff, including medical doctors and all, is so close minded it isn't funny anymore. What is crazy, anyway? Someone walking around ranting over the fact Jesus is coming? Someone who kills their family over a poorly-educated television incident? Crazy is just another excuse to keep the free-thinkers locked up. I hate it all, this system. Maybe, just maybe, there's going to be a free-for-all of the supernatural and all kinds of shit gonna go down. When that happens, the crazy people will be walking the streets and us normies will be locked up for keeping ourselves shut in all the motherfucking time.
Which isn't nearly as interesting as fast food. Why do these sterotypical employees look and look for a job in order to pay for their unwed wives and eleven towed children when really the problem is beyond finances? It's more about the personality difference. Go into a single fast food establishment-- be in McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Krystals, whatever-- and go up to the counter. The counter boy or girl will ask you, "How are you doing?" shortly before "How may I help you?"-- stop them before they pose the second question and state, "It's not important... what matters is how are you?" I gurantee they'll break down into some psychatrists' patient speech on how it's so hard to fill out job applications when you know you'll be there for less than a week. They'll tell you how the mother at home is so demanding he didn't even want kids, she cut a hole in the condom, unnoticable at a glance. They'll tell you how hard it is the take all the shit that's going on in the world, and eventually take your order... but what counts, deep on the inside, is they still go in the back and treat your order like it's no one's business--and literally it's their business! They'll be so damn sloppy you'll think they're some sort of hooker on 8th and Main giving a three dollar blow job. They'll drop your shit on the floor and pick it back up. They'll microwave your burger for a minute rather than the suggested two. They'll half-cook the fries, unless they're feeling generous (or lazy) so they'll burn the fries instead. I hate how they throw the food into the bag with a handful of napkins. I hate how they suggest you have a nice day when really you can't lying in the emergency room from all that greese consumption. I hate them to death and I cannot take it anymore. But... that doesn't make me crazy.
May 23rd, 2005- Holy Hell, Zed can be funny it appears. I really wish I could take credit for the latest update by Zed (who didn't go overseas afterall, he just refused to answer his phone and with such a case I usually leave it up to my imagination.) For at least a good week I felt I was deserted on this site because I kept drawing and writing and blogging and updating, but Zed was working it off afterall, and I'm proud. hehe, Star Wars is pretty homosexual.
May 22nd, 2005- I bet you didn't know I could draw, did you? In my eyes, I'm a stickman, so I cut myself short in the short span of an update I did. I apologize, it was done in a quick second, I swear. I got an idea to keep Zed moving though, so  maybe we'll get back to the regular storylines soon.
May 18th, 2005- We're experiencing an obvious update crisis. First we were falling behind so far we resorted to the simple "Penis Slam" edition of 'Dapsy. And now.... NOW we have a guest pannel by Glenn. The art and the humor are indiffering. I try to convince Zed there's more to our fans that people who understand we're doing insider humor too often and when we do there needs explanation following. I think the best thing I could do is relieve him of stress, send him an email letting 'em know he doesn't need to update the site every week. It's all about quality, correct? Tell him! Tell HIM!
I don't hate Glenn, by all means. I just think it's a Zed/Vincent establishment. Guest comics shouldn't overpower the regular artist's humble work, but it shouldn't be the form of shit in comparison. Maybe, just maybe, there's more to life after this current crisis.
In fact, we should stop calling it a crisis. It's more of a slump. That sounds a bit more optimistic, am I right? Possibly I am.
May 9th, 2005- After spending a good portion of the afternoon convincing Harvey Winestein that Fill Dapsy as a full-length blockbuster would not be the best idea. However, he insisted he gives me casting details on who he has lined up so far. Check out the link on the home page for further details.
Meanwhile is mean, but I enjoy it. With much of my obliged respect (Zed shocks me with his tazer if I'm too mean too often) I post their site: see? I'm a fuckin' all around nice guy to these people, they get free publicity.
May 6th, 2005-
We're backed up terribly, and on an unfortunate note there's not enough ex-lax to go around. Zed is working furiously to get the next couple of issues done. The lastest update wasn't written by me, but by Zed himself. You could probably tell because there isn't any foul language or poor grammer excuses floating about. Just be sure to give us some time to get back up to speed, where we belong.
April 22nd 2005- Somehow or another I ended up saving the world at the last minute this week. Alls I had to really do was press a button at the last second and the world was once again safe. (If it weren't, would you really be reading this?)  Zed's coming down with something, I'm beginning to question his value and whether I should force a pillow to his face as he sleeps in the night. Without him though the pages would be blank with my lousy dialouge, so I'll just sneak him some special medication from the southern regions of Mexico, but in order to pass it by the boader without the guards seizing my shipment, I'll need to shove the medication up my--oops, out of time. Until next time. On the same damn server, the same damn URL, same damn time.
April 19th 2005- With Family Feud temporarily down, I can do a normal update. It's suggested (well, no it hasn't) that Fill Dapsy whore themselves out to as many online comic hosts as possible and see how many people actually love us. So far it's a failing attempt at something so innocent. Go to to see how well we did our first try. Updated comic tommorow.
April 15th 2005- I can't focus, Family Feud online has gotten ahold of me. I can't let go... the new story arc has begun! Zed is in jail and Vincent goes through his flashback journy to discover the reasoning behind such an unforeseen event. It's gonna be fun. Check my blog soon for the answer to the destiny-like question, "what's angry porn?" This has been Vincent for Fill Dapsy. Good night.
April 12th 2005- Word up! Go to to check out the brilliant reviews 'dapsy has been getting the last week or so.
Hollywood is so stuck up(the latest comic) is great, but Zed Goes to Jail Part One-Part Five will be our mark. We're going to go down with that arc gripped tightly in our hands as what defines our basis for pure gold entertainment.
As sickening as it may be, Dustin Hoffman and Alyssa Milano were once in my dreams together. I really wish I could just wash my brain out and start anew.
April 8th 2005- You've got to love the new comic. It makes me giggle everytime I read it. True story: the idea came to me at DisneyWorld when they were holding a firework show and Jimmy(the cricket) said, "Wish for whatever you want and it just may come true." and I was feeling bitter. Working the idea to form around our push-around-character Devin, it fit into our comic just fine. Enjoy it.
Next it what will soon be what is known as my favorite. 
April 5th 2005- As it seems, there's a good system going. We're normally updated Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I think.
My Jon Heder idea has come to life and that makes me glow inside. Next should be "Wishing Upon Something not entirely Magical" and then a nice little piece based off a dream I had involving Dustin Hoffman and rough sketching of stoner-cats. It'll be up soon enough.
Be sure to check out my blog to see my complete updates and what-have-you.
April 4th 2005- I finished writing "Wishing Upon Something Not Entirely Magical" which is by far my favorite. Just wait until Cedric finishes that one!
April is upon us and that means May is only one month away.
The conclusion to the time travel arc was brilliant not only by my part but Cedric's too. I was betting with my loan shark friend, Tony that Cedric wouldn't be able to pull off the time travel effects, but by some unintelligible likeness, he pulled through all right.
March 31st 2005- I've been enjoying the way "Before His Time" has been coming out thus far. The ending is just to die for, in my biast opinion. Next, after this arc, Jon Heder gets a royal slap in the face, I think.
March 22nd 2005- I finally got a chance to see the new comic and I've got to say it's starting to improve. Not only in art direction (not to say it wasn't fine before at all) but I knew once I broke the hymen of the introductory comic I could ease my way into the other story lines. Is "broke the hymen" an inappropriate term?
March 20th 2005-
There's a break to be taken. I've finished a total of six "scripts" to the upcoming comics. Now all that's left is Cedric to catch up. He's, however, going out of town this week and I, too, will be around Friday. I imagine the next comic update would be next week. Pretty soon we'll get a system going, but not too pretty soon.
For Reasons Unexplained, there are rants by Vincent missing, and they will never be retrieved. I hope this doesn't come as a shock to you.

And Now You're Here!