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If you came here, you came to have fun (March 12, 2005)

March 20- Jackass, the kid

March 22, 2005- Ahead Of His Time Pt. One

March 30- Ahead Of His Time Pt. Two

March 31- Ahead Of His Time Pt. Three

April 5- Gosh Darn It All To Heck

April 7- Wishing Upon Something Not Entirely Magical

April 10- Hollywood's so stuck up

June 1- He's So Mysterious

June 7- Fun with Photoshop

June 10- My Apologies to Pontus

June 13- BatZed Begins, Returns, Forever, who gives a shit, right?

June 27, 2005- "what's this all about, eh?"

And Now You're Here!