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Early Batman Review: By Vincent
So I didn't hate Batman Begins, and believe me, that's saying a lot. I haven't liked a Batman movie since the original with Tim Burton and Keaton. I wasn't even a big fan of 'Returns. Why would I be, it was too much of a cop out for a satisfiying attempt.
The movie starts out with a flashback, where a young Bruce Wayne accidentally discovers a well by quickly falling through. The well later is discovered to lead to a cave... a certain bat cave. Anyway, I had a discussion with Zed about whether Bruce is attacked by the Bats before the murder of his parents in this new film, about a week ago, and it seems as if I won.
But for the better, Bruce developed his fear of bats at an early age, before the tragic death, for it is his fear of bats that encourages him to ask his parents if they can leave the theatre (they were putting on an opera show that reminded the kid of flying bats). Leaving Bruce to wonder, if he didn't get scared and ask to leave, would his parents have been killed as soon as they left that night?
So then Bruce goes off to another country and learns out to fight. He joins a clan, if you will, of shadows, or some gay nonsense. They all vow to go with Bruce to Gotham City in an effort to save it, if Bruce can prove he's worthy by killing a crimial in a brutal fashion. Of course, Bruce Wayne is all about the justice rather than killing straight off, so he runs away... not without setting the place on fire and having some weird ninja fight with the main villian.
The movie has its' flaws. The coloring/lighting was a bit off for me, I'm not into that whole gray-themed scale. What the director had tried to do was make a gothic-toned setting, much like Batman should be rather than the campy atmopshere of those last two Batman movies. The director tried too hard though and the film was done in an odd shade, especially after the toxic fumes were released into the city. Which is strange as it is, you'd think Joker stole this idea and varied it in his own fashion.
Speaking of the Joker, there's a slight notion he'll be in the sequel, near the end. Ahem.
Katie Holmes, clearly, did not belong in the movie.
The main aspect I really enjoyed was the fact they made Alfred matter. He wasn't just a 1-D character that stood there and informed "Master Bruce" there was trouble in the southwest entrance. He actually guided Bruce through some of the less-obvious distractions. (He's the one who suggested Bruce get a social life, in order to keep people from asking, "Why is Batman always around but somehow this millionaire is not?" and he had Bruce order 10,000 copies of the top part of Batman's mask, in order to avoid suspision of "just one" being sent all the way over seas to the millionaire who's never around)
And for better or for worse, I liked Christian Bale. His Batman voice was a little growly, but overall he did a good job. Hopefully he won't be replaced by Jude Law or Tom Cruise, or whoever is hot at the moment of casting. They made that mistake with Batman and Robin, I believe.

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