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Here you will get to look up old news updates. If you notice any are missing, you are strange.

June 14th-- Check out the right-hand side pannel of links for our new feautre, "Dapsy-Reviews" where Zed and myself will review movies or whatever's "hot" at the moment. Remember, we're very trendy. For our first feature: Spoiler-ridden, early Batman Begins review.--Vincent
June 13--In honor of this week being the release week for Batman Begins, expect some keen Bat-themed comics.--Zed
June 12-- 1.) News is now called "Rants" Sort of an empty title, but it makes more sense now. Look to this section of the home page for news updates. 2.) For the archived news updates, needed for any reason necessary, are linked to the right. 3.) My blog has been taken down, by me, though the old updates are still there, I'm just not doing it anymore. Look to the "rants" section for my ca-razy words. Thank you. -- Vincent.
June 2-- Yes, yes, there is a new comic added to our glorious site. It's in the "Latest" section, as if it were any normal update. And yet, it is not. This is a cross between the real world (the world of the comic's production schemes) and the Fill Dapsy world (the world of Vincent's and Zed's wacky adventures) This is a two-part, and the next update will be very very soon. --- Vincent.
May 31-- Changes: 1) Vincent's email is now contact him if you've got something to say. 2) Starting now the Recent Updates slot you are reading right now will stay, never deleted again, for the sake of historical reference, for all you FD nuts out there. 3) News Updates should be checked frequently, for they are not always updated when a comic is, they're randomly written now and contain important information involving the site. Sometimes. 4) The limited time survey is now gone, thanks to all who decided to fill it out. 5) Deep Throat was revealed, but that doesn't have anything to do with us. I just find it interesting.--Vincent
May 27-- News is updated by both Zed and Vincent, but the comic, unfortunately, is not yet up to date.
May 23--The overdue Star Wars comic. Enjoy.-- Zed
May 22nd-- Zed went overseas to fight in the war, so I'm alone to do the next update. Since I don't have the original script to the next addition to the current storyline, I did something else. Forgive me-- Vincent.

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