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Jude Law (Vincent)-- A movie without Jude Law in this era is illegal...seriously! So Law, in a convienant manner, was able to fit the co-starring role, next to Zed... Vincent. It's amazing how hollywood works, isn't it?


Sam Jackson (Zed)-- Fun yet rare Fact: not the first time Mr. Jackson would have a partner in crime named Vince.


Will Ferrell (Glenn)-- Ferrell and Glenn have always been two in the same. Bitter, annyoing, and an attention-thirst fuckhole. Ferrel would make an excellent choice as the time traveling baffoon!


Emelio Estevez(Devin)-- As you have no seen Devin in the comics that much, he indeed plays a well-rounded friend of Vince and Zed's. He's going to need a good actor to play 'em, and Estevez is all we could afford. How do you spell this guy's name?


Tia Car--Caree--Carere-- who knows? (Naku)-- She'd need to spike her hair up and possibly act, who knows if she could follow through with such a chore?


Jon Heder (His fuckin' self)- In the premise, the character of Jon Heder plays a vital role in Vince and Zed's major mission... just watch.

Notice: No actors or actresses have been contacted for roles in this particular film. A script has not been written nor has anyone related to Miramax or Samuel L. Jackson has ever heard of this project. Doomed to fail, the film is entirely made up and put here for pure enjoyment. Now stop squinting.

Vincent and Zed find out there's a movie being made about them and they're off to-- wait, no, that's not it... oh, here it is: Vincent and Zed, two once-civilized pre-college students, find themselves in a bind when it comes to making others laugh. The reason: comedy has dumbed down. Searching for the source of such an outrageous momentum, they come across a Mr. Jon Heder, who not too often ago made his major appearance as the high school bully-target Napoleon Dynamite. The movie is too often quoted and people only want to laugh at nerds now rather than good quality wit!!  In a desperate attempt to save comedy and everyone's fragile sense of humor, they're off to destroy Jon Heder.
Devin and Glenn follow closely behind the ensure Conan O'Brien doesn't accomplish taking over The Tonight Show in 2009 or whenever.

Rated R. For Real.

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