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1) Okay, so what the hell?
Yeah, well, fuck you too
2) So what's up with the name? Is it even a word?
Ask Vincent. He'll have the answer to that one. I just think it looks damn cool.
3) Who are you guys? Who's Devin? Who's Glenn?
The characters are all based in some small part upon real people. Here's a rundown of who's who and what relationship they have to their real life counterpart:
Zed Grover--The internet/comic alter-ego of artist Cedric Bacon. They both share a rather obsessive love for anime and games. Unlike the artist, Zed is a bit more free-wheeling and hyper, and is not inhibited by his social status or women. Or lack thereof.
Vincent Holkins--The internet/comic alter-ego of writer Darby Nickless. Nothing is really too different, fact and fiction wise. They both posess an asshole streak that nobody really minds (sometimes).
Glenn--A friend of Zed and Vincent's, both in real life and in the comic. Glenn is really a nice guy, and that's what scary. His real life counterpart has lost some weight in recent months, but he's still a chubby boy who can be used to cause people severe emotional pain.
Devin--Another close friend. 'Nuff said.
4) So what's up with the  look?
The comic looks like this because we're both too poor to afford Photoshop and I'm too l azy to ink everything. (Gallagher, You Da Bomb In MegaTokyo, Yo!). It should probably be noted that like the artist, Zed is also an African-American.
5) Do you actually own an alien shirt?
No. Next question
6) Are you guys gay?
Are you a lesbian? Next question.
7) Sorry. Are you anything like your comic.
Well, our motto is "Don't Ask", which pretty much answers itself. But if you want any indication as to what we're really like, just look at our newsposts ( or "Rants" as I call them).

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