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Cool, Calm, and Collected. The three C's used to describe Zed's persona. Zed's hobbies include somewhat of an indisclosed obsession for rare findings. He enjoys fishing, and bike riding---oh wait, that's not right.


Vincent. Vincent is the cliched bad ass with a heart of gold. In his free time he helps sick children and reads to the deaf kids down by the local lake. He has a hard time faking an orgasm.

Guests (for your pleasure)


Glenn: Glenn becomes an instant victim of time travel. Will he one day reach a happy ending? Only time will tell if this man will be cured from the unfortunate fate some super-powering bean has put upon him. (Or maybe it was just Vincent who did this...).  Glenn is actually the oldest character in Fill Dapsy, as he made several apperances pre-dating everything in Chasing Jenna.         

Apperances: "Before his time" Part One-Part Three (Now complete)


Devin is the forth and final friend of the group to make ways in the Fill Dapsy family. Devin appears to be the nice guy, more than anything.
Apperances: "Wishing Upon Something Not Entirely Magical"


Jon Heder: Star of the cult-smash Napoleon Dynamite. Unfortunately, Heder's impression of the timeliness character has gotten just about anyone with half a brain's attention, and a lot of quoting of the man has risen in the last couple of months. The only solution is eradication

Apperances: "Gosh-Darn it all to heck!"


Naku- Zed's one and only love interest thus far. She's one of them wild childs. Unfortunately, she's also too much for Zed to handle at most times. Don't expect too many appearances by her.
Apperances: Zed Goes to Jail: The arc

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